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Terms Of Use

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You may view this Web-site and its contents using your Web browser and save an electronic copy of parts of this Web site (“parts”: namely photos and videos) solely for your own information, provided you (a) do not modify the copy from how it appears in this Web-site; and (b) include the copyright notice “(x)clusive | @sgXCLUSIVE” on such copy.

(x)clusive’s logo should never be removed from any content on which they originally appear. The content published on (x)clusive should always appear exactly as posted without variation, unless the prior written approval by (x)clusive is obtained.

You must not otherwise exercise the copyright in the whole or any part of the contents and materials in this Web-site for any other purpose except as expressly permitted by any applicable law or with (x)clusive’s prior written consent.

With regards to contact information posted by you or other users on this Web-site, it is solely up to your personal risk. (x)clusive shall not be liable whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of this exchange of contact and information.


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