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(x)clusive!: Girl’s Day being Darlings at KStar Fanfest Press Conference


One of 2014’s hottest Korean girl groups, the popular Girl’s Day, is finally in Singapore for the first time for Korea Festival 2014’s KStar Fanfest.

Girl’s Day members Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri expressed their thanks and excitement for the invitation to be in Singapore for the festival. Since this festival revolves around Korea, Hyeri shared that Korea is a very warm country, and that there is a lot of nice food in Korea. In addition, Korea is very different from Singapore, so let’s take Hyeri’s suggestion and go experience the Korean culture!


The recent Girl’s Day hits like Expectation, Female President and Darling never get old, so on the topic of what Girl’s Day would do if they could be female president, here’s what the girls said!

Sojin excitedly announces that she would turn everyone into Girl’s Day fans!


Hyeri actually really wanted to be the first female president of Korea, but she’s equally happy to fulfil her dream of being a singer. Hyeri would also set a day just for females and make it a “Girl’s Day”!


As it is Girl’s Day’s first time in Singapore, Minah comments that she would love to try the famous chilli crab, and Hyeri would love to go to Universal Studios Singapore. We hope the girls had a great time in Singapore too!


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