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(x)clusive!: INFINITE takes their ONE GREAT STEP in Singapore


After three years, Korean boyband Infinite was finally back in Singapore, and this time for their full-fledged world tour concert stop in the country. The group, known for their highly synchronized dance moves, consists of leader and lead vocalist Sunggyu, rappers and main dancers Dongwoo and Hoya, main vocalist Woohyun, and vocalists L, Sungyeol, and Sungjong.

All seven members of Infinite looked dapper in their white suits as they attended the press conference for their concert on October 4, Friday. The press conference began with a short introduction by each of the members, of which a few of them spoke a little English that they had been practising. Hoya lightened up the mood by doing his signature “I say Ho, you say Ya!” to get the audience to interact with him, and Sungjong, the youngest member, told us “I’m your darling”.

Maknae Sungjong is definitely a darling with his cuteness!

Maknae Sungjong is definitely a darling with his cuteness!

The press conference thus commenced with Sunggyu talking about their arrival in Singapore and being welcomed by so many fans, which made them feel really thankful. On the topic of whether they still miss their debut days sometimes, Hoya spoke about how they still think about it, but commented that he does not miss those days because he was always hungry.

Leader Sunggyu pipes up at this point that they were indeed actually very hungry at the moment, earning some laughter from both the members and the audience. When asked about what food he’d thus like to have in Singapore, Sunggyu excitedly said in English, “I love chilli crab! Very nice food!” and commented that he’d been looking forward to having some of those again because he hadn’t been able to forget the taste.

Leader Sunggyu, foodie of the group, looking excited as he talks about Singaporean food

Leader Sunggyu, foodie of the group, looking excited as he talks about Singaporean food

Singaporean Inspirits, did you miss Infinite in the three years they haven’t been here? Don’t worry, Woohyun misses all of you too. He definitely lives up to being the king of fanservice as he talked about how much he had missed Inspirits’ love. For the Inspirits who were unable to meet Infinite this time, Hoya sent his love as well. Moving on to the topic of their world tour, Sunggyu explained that the name of the tour, “One Great Step”, was inspired by Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase about taking “one small step”. He also talked about how they had been looking forward to a world tour to share and communicate with the world via music, which was something they are unable to do while in Korea.

For the Singapore leg of their world tour, Infinite promised they had prepared something special—a local song! (It’s revealed during the concert that the song they prepared was “Singapura”!) Other preparations they had done, for their world tour in general, included working out. Hoya quipped that the memories of all of the support their fans had given them are a source of strength as well.

Charismatic dance machine Hoya addressing the media

Charismatic dance machine Hoya addressing the media

Infinite’s One Great Step World Tour was sponsored by Samsung Galaxy, so all seven members of the group were sporting a Galaxy Gear on their wrists and a Note 3 in hand. Sunggyu mentioned that the Gear is great for monitoring his singing, while Sungyeol felt that the Note 3 is useful for keeping track of their performances. Woohyun also demonstrated his selca (self-camera) skills with the Note 3 as the “Selca King” of the group. Tips from the master? Use a 45-degree angle and don’t forget to photoshop your photo!

Selca King Woohyun with a quick tutorial of how to take the best selfie!

Selca King Woohyun with a quick tutorial of how to take the best selfie!

To wrap up the press conference, Sunggyu talked about how their first overseas performance after their debut was in Singapore (K-Pop Night 2010, anyone?), so Singapore is very special to them and they were happy to be back again finally.

Thank you to Samsung for the opportunity to attend the Infinite “One Great Step in Singapore World Tour” Press Conference! For more photos, do keep tabs and ‘like’ (x)clusive’s Facebook!


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