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SHINee’s 3rd full album ‘The misconceptions of us’ to be released on Aug 8


Music fans are earnestly waiting for the release of SHINee’s 3rd full album ‘The Misconceptions of Us’ on Aug 8. This album will bring together Chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl-The Misconceptions of You’, Chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious?-The Misconceptions of Me’ as well as 2 new songs ‘Selene 6.23’ and ‘Better Off’.

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of their 3rd album each displayed a contrasting concept, story as well as music and have been praised as a high quality album. Together with the complete “compiled” album, the different emotions expressed through SHINee’s 3rd full album also include the overall concept of ‘misconceptions’. SHINee members had actively taken part in the album production process, personally hand-drawing the album design, as the album was released to let them communicate with their fans.

‘The Distance Between you and me (Selene 6.23)’, one of the new songs included in ‘The Misconceptions of Us’, is an emotional ballad where the harmony of the orchestra and piano mixes well with SHINee’s appealing voices. Composed by pianist Yiruma, the charm of the song is doubled with his piano accompaniment as well. ‘Leave after throwing away (Better Off)’ is a memorable medium tempo pop ballad with lyrics that beautifully express the sadness of separation. Group member Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for both songs.

SHINee’s promotions for their Chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl-The Misconceptions of You’ and Chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious-The Misconceptions of Me’ were met with favorable responses not only from Korean fans but from international fans as well, which shows that their 3rd full album will become a hot topic with its release.

SHINee is currently holding their successful Japan Arena Tour ‘SHINEE JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2013 ~ Boys Meet U’.

Packaging of ‘The Misconceptions of Us’:



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