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(x)clusive!: Fly To Love with Lunafly – Concert Review of LUNAFLY’s first solo concert in Korea


Photo: NegaNetwork

Text By: Elizabeth | Photo By: NegaNetwork

Rookie band Lunafly held their first solo concert in Korea on June 1st – less than a year after their official debut in the Korean music scene. (This was after their local showcase in Singapore – check out what went on at Lunafly‘s Singapore Showcase at our previous article here!) Both shows in the afternoon and evening had the concert venue filled with excited Lukies (the name for Lunafly‘s fans) who were eagerly anticipating the concert.

Lunafly performed a slew of songs from their first official album, alternating between the English and Korean versions. When a couple of Korean fans commented with regards to the reason to why certain songs were performed in English instead of Korean, Teo answered, “We want to deliver a different kind of performance each time for our fans. We have never performed the English version of these songs before, whereas we have already performed the Korean versions at our debut showcase, so it is quite meaningful that all of you get to see it now, right?”

Photo: NegaNetwork

Photo: NegaNetwork

In between the concerts’ two sets, the band took a break from performing with their usual instruments and proceeded with piano acoustic covers of various popular English songs such as Adele’s Someone Like You and Bruno MarsJust The Way You Are.

Through random drawing of seat numbers, each band member gave out one valued possession of theirs as well as autographed albums to lucky members of the audience. Yun‘s gift was a ring and he took off one of the rings he was wearing and put it on for the fan, to the envious “oohs” and “ahs” of the audience and the teasing of his members.Lunafly even serenaded one lucky Lukie during the random draw.

Photo: NegaNetwork

Photo: NegaNetwork

And what’s a concert without an encore? Lunafly sang a medley of One Direction’s hit tracks sans their usual instruments as a final form of fan-service to their fans as they sat among their fans and sang to them.

The small concert venue allowed the fans to experience Lunafly’s live performances and playful interactions with the band in close proximity. And for someone who has never seen Lunafly perform live (and attended the concert alone), I thoroughly enjoyed the cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Upcoming for Lunafly, Sam also revealed that he just finished the lyrics to their new song, and asks for fans to anticipate it soon. Look forward to more of Lunafly and do show them lots of love and support!

(x)clusive would like to thank Nega Network and do look forward to more coverage of Lunafly and other Nega Network artistes on (x)clusive in the near future!


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