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(x) – 100820 CNBLUE Fansign Photos!

(x)clusive is proud to bring to you an exclusive coverage of CNBLUE’s events in Singapore, thanks to Proof Label!

Anyway, I processed some photos from Fansign that happened just a few hours ago first, and will post more press con photos tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy these!

Bring out with credits to or (x)clusive

Blue+Red(Passion) = (Purple) Jonghyun of @CNBLUE_4 on Twitpic Mischievous maknae Jungshin of @CNBLUE_4~ on Twitpic WHO IS THIS CUTIE PIE? @CNBLUE_4 on Twitpic I can't decide who is cuter, Yonghwa or him? @CNBLUE_4 on Twitpic Cutie Pie Couple 1! ��� 커�~ YongHyuk of @CNBLUE_4 :D on Twitpic Victory (& highly suspicious) Couple 2! �� 커�~ Ju... on Twitpic The grandness of the event.. @CNBLUE_4 fans filled upper floo... on Twitpic I love this group photo of @CNBLUE_4. Last gift for all of yo... on Twitpic


4 thoughts on “(x) – 100820 CNBLUE Fansign Photos!

  1. OMGOSHHHH I LOVING THE #1,3,4,5 SHOTS! HQ CLOSEUPSSSS! you guys are awesome really, cant wait to see more. jonghyun + minhyuuuuk please! 😀

    Posted by shya | August 22, 2010, 5:08 PM
  2. Hi! I think I know you.. Lydia is it? Lol. Maybe I’m wrong. But anyway, I hope it’s okay to take your awesome photos out and share on omonatheydidnt at livejournal. Full credits given of course. ^^
    Just want to spread the CNBLUE love~!

    Posted by Saihah | August 23, 2010, 2:08 AM
  3. I love Minhyuk! And i love (x)clusive! And please keep me updated. I love the way you guys spontaneously update the website!

    Posted by Victoria | August 26, 2010, 8:44 PM


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