[me2day] 100513 Key me2day no more – Jonghyun’s puppy!

Haha so Key decided to move over for Jong? JongKeyness. 🙂

Anyway, Jong updated me2day twice! Here ya go. In order of recency.


[JongHyun] ㅂㅌ…암강아지한테…그런 이름을 추측하시다니…이름은 ‘별루’입니다. 곧 누나 생일이라 선물로 주니 누나가 좋다고 난리! Ps.셀카는 별루나줘.ㅋ

ㅂㅌ…This puppy…guess it’s name will be…It’s name is Star Roo. It’s going to be noona’s birthday present soon and she’ll love it! Ps. Giving Star Roo selca. ha

[JongHyun] 울 누나 생일선물로 분양 받은 녀석!!! 이름은 ‘O루’ 풀네임 맞추면 영상 품. Ps. 나 흰손아님 ㅋㅋㅋ

Noona will get this as her birthday present!!! It’s name ‘ORoo’ fixed until name is chosen. Ps. My hand kekeke

SM Ent’s youtube is so random.. Or I think, Jonghyun has access to the YT channel lol. If you click Roo’s name it leads you to this video:

lol. Sorry for lousy translations again T_T


3 thoughts on “[me2day] 100513 Key me2day no more – Jonghyun’s puppy!

  1. he gave that puppy to a noona?
    who who who? o:

    Posted by Kim | July 11, 2010, 7:51 PM
  2. a..Jonghyun have a sister?i didn’t know that..anyway his sister is older than him right??*just getting facts right :p*

    Posted by Kitty | November 6, 2010, 10:19 PM

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