EDIT:// I will be locking my twitter from 29th April to 2nd May

If you want to get latest updates about Jang Geun Suk, Junho, Junsu, or even Sundown Festival, please follow my twitter. Many just viewed and took info away from my twitter, so yeah, follow and you won’t regret 🙂

For Jang Geun Suk, sadly I couldn’t be there for press con nor fansign due to my work -_- So no coverage ):
I mean.. I wanted to give hints on where he’s staying but no one replied me on Twitter so.. Yeah.

One last thing! I would like to announce our
partnership with local Singapore KPop Forum SG K-Wave! *applause*

SG K Wave

Where all KPop loving Singaporeans unite and discuss about KPop! It’s going to be like, a local version of Soompi and they’re going to launch a brand new website soon, with seriously the latest updates and news of the Korean scene and also, the local Kpop events! They are also the official partner of Quest Group Holdings! So join us over there, and let’s talk Korean! (nahh not really Korean but Korean music, drama and more haha)

Remember to hop by this page for discussions about Korea, what’s good to do in Korea, where to go, etc. Cheers and thanks for your support! ^^



I realised many are really interested to know the official performers list for Sundown Festival, but it’s not officially out yet so please wait for confirmation! I do not know when they will release it, and what I know are rumours, so please don’t tell everyone it’s real yeah? ^^

They could have delayed the release due to change in artists’ plan or website is not ready so do wait patiently, we ALL want to know but rushing them on their FB page isn’t going to be nice ^^ So let’s wait on.


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