[Twitter] 100414 Today’s updates! (Donghae + PKL)

Well Donghae did post a tweet to S.K. Jhung (정승구), director of the movie “Searching For the Elephant” or “Penthouse Elephant”.

Donghae is like his fan or something, he told him all his movies are very nice and talked about Park Shinwoo. Mr Jung/Jhung said something like, nice to meet you, weren’t you working with another director, I’m friends with him since childhood.

Anyway, that wasn’t very interesting right. Because this is the interesting part:

2 hours ago,  Park Kyunglim posted photos of her with various celebs, and notably U-Kiss’ Kibum and SHINee’s ONEW.

Doesn’t it make you jealous? xD I want to be a radio DJ too, now! Hahahaha.
Though.. It was pretty interesting reading the comments. ;D This lady.. is not Onew’s mum…



One last update from Hey, Bro’s me2day:

짠! 이제 누구 싸인인지 보이시나요~ ^^ 내일오후 2시 미친이벤트 많이 기대해 주세요!!!!!


Jjan! Whose signature are you looking at~^^ Please anticipate tomorrow’s crazy event at 2PM!!!!!


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