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Brown Eyed Girls in Singapore.. soon :)

I found it hard to start writing, so I’m going to be a bit informal~

Brown Eyed Girls are arriving in Singapore for their concert on Saturday! 7.30PM at Zouk.

Tickets are on sale at HMV
, and there’s just a new discount package – if you guys want to buy tix in bulk, get 8 tix get 2 free! LINK TO FB (there are 2 buyers already, so join in!) Plus those with the age 14~16 are now allowed to go for the concert! Go go get your tickets. It’s going to be a full length BEG concert like never before! 😀
Okay, so it’s like people are wondering about their flight details.
You should have heard that it’ll be Asiana Airlines, T2, 9.30PM, Flight OZ751
Well, on my side, I’ve heard that they may not be coming tomorrow.
But who knows? Let’s see what will happen in a few hours’ time.

(BTW, side-note, Lee An is in Singapore, and is a Singapore-based Korean singer. That’s why many have not heard of him. During the concert, please cheer for him too okay? He’s a pretty nice guy ^^)
Yes, there will be a fansign for BEG at Junction 8, Lvl 3 (you know where they always have autograph sessions) on coming Friday. Only for 150! Spend $20 from 19-25 Feb in J8 and collect your poster on the day itself 🙂

(And just for interests sake, F.I.R. is coming to Singapore and is having a fan sign on Friday and Saturday too! Friday’s fan sign is at 7.30PM @ City Square)
Anyway, I’ll be attending the concert. ^^ And bringing you guys pics or fancams. Keke.
I know I have more to share for SHINee’s last visit, like the fancam of the arrival, to press conference to concert to departure.. but yes I am tired out by life so pardon me while I recharge for BEG first 😡

Stay tuned~


One thought on “Brown Eyed Girls in Singapore.. soon :)

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    Posted by Calista Maring | March 12, 2013, 3:26 PM

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