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Spending Sunday home alone watching..

These awesome stages that will wrap up 2009 in the K Ent world. 😀

Firstly it’s G7 perf on KBS Ent Awards yesterday~

It was pretty unsync-ed (as in their dance) and keke the unnie was daydreaming while the rest was hopping around. But seeing their end-year schedules, with SNSD and their concert, BEG Kara 4minute gayo lineup, this is good already.

And then the girls did it again, another group of girls from the same groups (Kara/BEG/4minute), dancing to the sames songs too lol! Interestingly this was a lot better than G7’s. Hahah but love them anyways.

To top off the lazy Sunday lets watch something that will make you rollover laughing 😀


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