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Korea♥Singapore – Sundown Festival Seoul’d Out Concert (Day 3) – Warm Up

Here you go, I’ll be uploading all the best fancams of the night.

The concert started at about 8PM, a drag of about 3 hours from opening time. Fans surged into the grassfield and dashed for the spot closest to stage. During the 3 hours, we were interested with mainly Lee An’s song ‘Lucky Star’ which replayed again and again (official SG-cum-Korea clip song), some instrumentals, SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong, Taeyang’s Wedding Dress, Lee Seunggi‘s song and 2 other songs. O.o Limited playlist. Best part was, when RDD played, everyone there screamed and chanted “Ring Ding Dong” 😀 Awesome sight! (if SHINee ever comes..!)

Warm-up Performances
Anyway, the opening perf was the Miso Korean Musical, dancing ladies with awesome drum skills & flowly dances, macho men who spins, flutes;

then came along Jin Jo Crew with their flips, turns and spins that reminds me fondly of 2PM.


Then it was the epic Drawing Show. Seriously if anyone does go to Korea or have a chance to watch it, please do. It was sooo good that the 6000 fans + 100 staff there were totally silent while watching the performance.

Then Jin Jo Crew came back with their famous Cap Dance (also performed on Star King before) and hyped us all up 🙂

Then the main show started.
————-will update with more videos & stuff later.


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