SMTOWN Summer Album 2009, Preview of SNSD’s Boyfriend Goodbye Stage

Boyfriend perf fancam out! Woah~

This is the recording of SNSD’s goodbye stage to be broadcasted on Friday’s Music Bank. The girls look great, their performing in my fave outfit! ^^ Haha and a while into the video the person took a photo of Taengoo. A Taengoo fan.

Oh yeah, have you heard about the SMTOWN Summer album 2009?!

SM Town 2009 Summer Album – 09 Summer SM Town

01. Seaside Stopover (Boom Boom): Sung by DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee
02. 12.34 (Nothing Better): Sung by DBSK
03. Carnival: Sung by Super Junior
04. SCAR: Sung by SHINee

(From YesAsia):

After skipping out on 2008, SM Entertainment’s popular SM Town compilation series returns in 2009 with 09 Summer SM Town. Though it arrives amid controversy, 09 Summer SM Town gives fans plenty to be excited about. There are only four tracks this time, but they’re delivered by Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, and SHINee! The three super boy bands team up for the bright and breezy summer number “Seaside Stopover (Boom Boom)”. The idol-powered mini-album continues with three more new summer songs, one from each group. Dong Bang Shin Ki offer “12:34 (Nothing Better)”, Super Junior keep things cheery with Carnival, and SHINee make their SM Town debut with SCAR. And for those wondering what happened to the girls, they’ll headline 09 Winter SM Town later in the year.

LOL the album cover!

I wonder what kind of song is SCAR.. (sounds to evil xP) I bet there was too many people in SMTOWN so they had to split into two – boys and girls. Hopefully CSJH and BoA can participate in the winter album!! I miss them in Korea soo much.

Preorder the album at YesAsia here!


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