3rd Generation of Boys Generation!! ♥



It’s on repeat, again and again (and again and again, 내가 미쳤나 봐~) ♥

LOL so the mystery guy is MC Mong. So much for wishing for Heechul ==;; hahaha. Taemin is way skinny, and Taecyeon is just so stiff xDD He can’t shake his butt~ Super cute wahaha..

And guess who’s the BEST DANCER of them all?!

It's you, Key!

KEY! ♥
(Goodness me I sound like a Key fangirl.. *covers Jinki’s eyes*)

And anyway, you can totally hear that Key’s pitch is different from the others. He’s so accustomed to the song by the girls that he sang it in a higher pitch. ^^ I’m surprised at MC Mong’s voice. Pretty interesting xD

There were awesome performances today also by 2NE1 (Last Farewell), BEG (with 4minute), FT Island (FIRE + PRETTY GIRL OMGAH!!!), and moree SHINing Generation (Juilette!!).

It’s so sad that both my fave groups had their Goodbye Stage today D: What will I watch..?

Actually I’m lucky that I’m soo spoiled, there are sooo many SHINing Generation interaction these days. Next up, Star Golden Bell. (SHINee SNSD 2PM KARA!) =D

Will just be making a short post for today, will update if I can tmr. 🙂

*And just for the fun of it, Taem fanart. (credits as tagged)


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