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Updates of last week, SNSD & SHINee love (x2)

Had a tough week in school, so hadn’t gotten a chance to update 😡

Meanwhile, lots of things have happened!

SNSD and SHINee had a dance break last Sat, 2NE1 won SNSD thrice with a super small margin of points.. (T__T) Brown Eyed Girls came back (Abracadabra is hot), KARA released Wanna (omona! not bad!), T-Ara with Lies.

I mean, I’m not going to anti 2NE1 for winning, but I’m just disappointed, because.. I don’t really like I Don’t Care. I mean, if it was Stay Together, it would do justice. But IDC is just.. too sweet for me 😡 And my SNSD girls, I still wish that they could win. Gee was just too epic. (Somehow I have a small fear that 2NE1 may break SNSD’s records, so..)

I have yet to watch today’s Music Bank though, will watch later. With SNSD, BEG, KARA, 2NE1, T-ARa.. (minus 4minute), I hafta watch. ^^

Meanwhile, you guys should watch MBC Every1 Flower Boys Generation with SNSD 

– Key, the ultimate SNSD fanboy, likes 4 Soshi girls but he mentioned Jessica first so they paired him with her
– Sica was so fierce hahahaha! Typical Ice Princess
– Poor Onew, totally left out (his part is next week!!!)
– A super short showcase of my favourite song, One Year Later xDD

And more JongSica love, watch Jonghyun and Jessica sing Sexy Love by Neyo. Sica is amazing!! Jjong just need a bit of improveent with English, if not it would be great. xD Shinyoung is so cute at the start of bora of this episode, she pull’s Sica’s chair and she fell xD


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